Mixed Berries with Strawberries and Limoncello Sorbet



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For the Sorbet

  • 800g mixed berries (including Strawberries)
  • 150ml Lime Juice, strained
  • 125ml Ambra Limoncello
  • 185g caster sugar
  • 2 tsp Ambra Fragolino

To Serve

  • 800g mixed berries
  • 100ml Lime Juice
  • 100ml Ambra Limoncello
  • 75g caster sugar


  1. The first amount of mixed berries should be pureed in a food processor then strained through a sieve – you need to have about 750ml of puree’.
  2. Place the puree’ in a bowl and add juice, Limoncello, sugar and mix to combine.
  3. Place into an ice cream machine and churn until semi frozen. Put the sorbet into a container and freeze until required.
  4. With the 2nd lot of berries place them in a bowl. Add the juice, Limoncello and sugar stir gently to combine. Spoon the berries into individual dessert glasses and place a large scoop of sorbet on top.

Featuring Ambra Limoncello

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